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Patti Smith Portrait Special Edition

Alfredo Arias Photo

Patti Smith Portrait Special Edition

Patti Smith Portrait Special Edition Noroeste Festival 2019. Photo by Alfredo Arias

Patti Smith at Word and Music festival 2010 Gijón

30x40 cm /// 50x70 cm /// 70x100 cm

High quality photo paper

Available with wood frame, ask for prices. Only pick up in store Coruña or Madrid.


PHOTO HISTORY (by Alfredo Arias) 

A friend asked me, once again, to tell the story of this photo. An uneven posing

In 2010 I filled the car with a group of friends on their way to Gijón to attend the Palabra y Música festival, specifically to go to Patti Smith's concert at La Laboral. The intention was to do a portrait of Patti, which was spoken for lack of final confirmation in the day. When I got there everything was delayed by airplane and car themes, but thanks to Lorena from La Trinchera (to which I will be eternally grateful to mediate for one of my best portraits, at least the most desired) the session was maintained. Well session.... 10 Minutes.

While the TV interviews were finishing at La Laboral theatre we set up a simple lighting set. Everything was ready and we sat down to wait. When it was our turn and Patti was sitting on our set... The theater turned off the lights! We were left in the dark. The stopwatch ran, she had to go, so we ran out to the entrance and sat her on some stairs in the theatre hall. Fernando took the flashlight with his window and made it into a human tripod and we managed to sit Patti on the stairs. The stopwatch didn't stop. He sat down and dedicated the last minute to us, a real minute, exactly 60 seconds passed between the first and last shots. In that time we tried and adjusted lights, we fired and magic came up. It came out just as I had imagined it.

Then came the prizes, accumulate a few this snapshot, the sales, is hung in the office of a renowned music magazine beyond these lands and in the home of some collectors. But the best thing is to be able to show your work to someone iconic and give you some time, that important people are by your side and help you achieve your dreams as if they were theirs and that ten years later you can still call them friends. Thank you for being there and adding.

Alfredo Arias Photo

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