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Backpack, "Passion Wool"
Backpack, "Passion Wool"
Backpack, "Passion Wool"
Backpack, "Passion Wool"
Backpack, "Passion Wool"
Backpack, "Passion Wool"
Backpack, "Passion Wool"
Backpack, "Passion Wool"
Backpack, "Passion Wool"


Backpack, "Passion Wool"

Backpack, "PASSION WOOL" collection by D-RAÍZ Heartmade Accessories

Grey or Camel felt backpack bag with vegetable-tanned leather handles and adjustable shoulder straps. Straight and simple lines. The opening has a hidden zipper under the lid and closes with two snaps. Inside there is space for laptop, books, agenda and everything necessary for urban life

With double external felt pocket. It belongs to the "Passion Wool" collection and is made with 100% premium wool felt. It has a cotton lining and double inside pocket. It is designed and created ethically in Galicia with Zero Waste pattern. Water-resistant, light and versatile.


Outside dimensions w35cm, h39cm d13cm

Inside dimensions w33cm, h36cm bottom d12cm


Other colours available, ask us



BUREL is the name of an ancestral Portuguese felt fabric made from the wool of a sheep native to Serra da Estrela. This sheep, the bordaleira, is white, beige or chestnut, has expressive eyes and horns in both sexes. Year after year, the sheep produce the wool that is withdrawn for its benefit. The wool has a natural elasticity and has been used since the Middle Ages by shepherds to make their cloaks.
The authenticity of the burel results from a sequence of operations in its manufacture. The wool, after shearing, is washed, spun and woven on the loom. It is stepped on a machine that beats and scalds it, thus transforming it into a tight, resistant and water-resistant fabric.
100% wool, flexible and natural Agro-product, hygroscopic, anti-electrostatic, fire-resistant, Abrasion-resistant, does not create wool balls on the surface...

...and is very pleasant to the touch.


Burel is a fabric of easy maintenance. The fibre structure repels dirt.
We recommend vacuuming periodically to remove the dirt accumulated in the folds and seams and, if any stain appears, wipe with a damp cloth with water or a neutral cleaning product.


D-RAÍZ is a Galician brand of sustainable fashion accessories that revalues handcrafted, locally produced and made with passion and affection.
Beyond that, D-RAIZ is a tool for expressing an identity, connecting with others and communicating.
A creative process that involves design, art, cinema, theatre, music, philosophy...
A refined aesthetic, design and quality in materials are our DNA. Designed to last, in limited editions (NO SEASON concept) and manufactured with organic or natural materials.






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