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Fíos 072 STOOL
Fíos 072 STOOL

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Fíos 072 STOOL

FÍOS POUF.  Multicoloured stool.

Material: Recycled cotton strips.
Height: 50 cm. (approx)
Material: Recycled cotton strips.
Structure: 100% European pine wood.


Fíos is a line of poufs based on personalized and unique pieces, made entirely of recycled materials, by hand, with a wide variety of tones, combinations and custom.
The word fíos means threads in Galician, this is the concept of the product, a large ball of fíos of different colours. Fíos pays tribute to an ancient and necessary trade in the life of our ancestors: the art of spinning; a craft, manual and traditional. Fíos poufs are contemporary pieces totally handmade, pieces where craftsmanship and modernity go together. They are made with strips of recycled fabric, Fíos is a product that bets on sustainable production, ethical, local, artisan and personalized.

Completely handmade.
Made in Galicia.

This seat is custom made, you can choose the size and colours. Ask us for time to make the pouf. 

Due to its size delivery cost may vary, we recommend picking up in-store. Ask us

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