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Las Flores de Greta

Las flores de Greta is a team made up of three women, Antía, Uxía and Nuria, which was born at the end of 2017.
After learning the ecoprint technique, we began to work with it and develop it on different fabrics to analyze its possibilities. Gradually, based on trials and errors, a lot of experimenting, playing with the times, varying tissues and analyzing the effect of pigments and their variability within species throughout seasonal cycles we began to get the first samples so that little by little we have been creating a line of products that reflect the values we wanted to work with.


We embarked on this project in order to form a team and make a life change to be closer to what we wanted to be. It is a project of conscious life, that includes the importance that deserves the handmade, the craftsmanship, the personalization, the details and the times that require the artisan processes for the elaboration of a well finished piece.
The result is a production of unique and different pieces.


Ecoprint is a technique that consists of transferring the natural pigments found in leaves and flowers to fabrics of organic origin.
We develop the technique through a succession of handcrafted processes, which we work and integrate into our daily lives. The first, which gives rise to the others is the collection.
Every day we go out to the mountain at first hour to collect leaves and wild flowers. Depending on the time of year in which we find ourselves, we work with one or another species.
Afterwards, we go to the workshop where the fabrics submerged in mordants from previous days are waiting for us.

The mordants serve so that the pigments adhere to the internal structures of the tissues and in this way the color does not fade with the washes.
We drain and extend the fabrics and place on them each one of the leaves, flowers or petals that will later give us their colour and we prepare them individually for the steam process.
When the steam process is finished, we play with the rest times and open each of the bundles.
We carefully remove one by one the organic remains and we have just fixed the colour.

We tend the production and let it air dry. When it is dry we collect it, wash it and lay it again.
All the pieces are manually ironed with a lot of steam, at which time all the nuances and details of the natural pigmentation are appreciated and in the case of silk, where all the definitive colours and brightness come out to shine. When we finish ironing, each product is packaged and labelled.

The workshop work with the leaves and flowers, the experiments and samples, the tests, the trials and the notes constitute our day to day, since the ecoprint is a very experimental technique that keeps us in a state of constant observation and learning. Every day the results are different, depending on aspects such as the time of year, geographical location, humidity, heat, working times or the composition of the fabric on which we are working.

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