NØRD EditorÆs de deseño, A Coruña. ENVÍO LOCAL GRATIS A PARTIR DE 60€. We ship worldwide, ask us.

About us


We create, edit, market and deliver contemporary Galician design objects.
We work hand in hand with designers and local industry to produce exciting objects made in Galicia with local materials and exceptional finishing.


NØRD is nordic design from Galicia

We are Editors. From NØRD we propose a connection between designers, artisan workshops, local industry, production and marketing. Our vocation is to generate international objects that can be displayed and sold in Coruña, Copenhagen or Tokyo, to create an stable industry and promote future collaborations within the sphere of design in Galicia 


A NØRD object can be a wallet or a coffee maker, but also a speaker or a chair. NØRD objects are simply beautiful (minimalist, functional), designed and manufactured in Galicia with local and sustainable materials.

Quality is our main priority.
Each NØRD object seeks the satisfaction of a well-done work, technical perfection, simple and quiet design, traditional materials carefully finished.

Galicia is part of a powerful artisanal tradition, there is an emotional affinity in the use of wood, ceramics, leather or steel. Taking this into account, NØRD seeks to update tradition, take those objects and the same production quality and improve through design in order to create contemporary objects.

Behind NØRD there are people.
The whole NØRD process focuses on people, every piece requires a singular development where manual work is connected to design and production.
The workflow responds to the concept of slow design: designers lead a process of communication between users, publishers and manufacturers that only ends when the object becomes simple and functional in the eyes of everybody.

NØRD users are part of that process; Owning an NØRD object means participating in a culture in which the touch of wood and the execution of a joint are appreciated, a culture in which every detail has a reason to be and simplicity responds to the satisfaction of a life without artifice.

The result is unique pieces, with personality



• NØRD is committed to the environment
• Materials will be local, raw and traceable, and they will be used with a good criterion to minimize the ecological footprint
• Closeness is taken into account, both in manufacturing and in the delivery of products
• The use of plastics and superfluous packaging will be avoided, the piece will be simple and also its packaging
• Processes will be primed with recycled or reused materials (we prefer recycling to recycled)
• We are committed to re-use: reusable packaging
• We will have ecological messaging in processes and deliveries


• NØRD has an ethical commitment to people
• We have a vocation for transparency and honesty in our clients and suppliers, NØRD is part of a collective impulse
• Manufacture will be local, guaranteeing an economic return that feeds the community and the NØRD culture
• We will apply to the selection of the supplier's ethical criteria in the working conditions of the people who participate in their processes
• Feminism is part of NØRD's essence as a principle of functioning. NØRD is a feminist company.
• NØRD will promote the employment of people in precarious conditions with the aim of providing stable economic environment where developing a life project.


NØRD Sinagoga 20 A Coruña



 Las Flores de Greta. Silk & Linen


Cunqueiro de Palas. Wood




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