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We create, edit, market and deliver contemporary Galician design objects.  We work hand in hand with designers and local industry to produce exciting objects made in Galicia with local materials and exceptional finishing. 

We invite you to share your ideas and propose new NØRD objects. Write us to nord@nord.gal

NØRD store

Sinagoga 20

A Coruña, Spain

In the Old town, behind the Colegiata de Santa María del Campo

Autumm Opening hours

Mon-Fri   ///   5pm-8.00pm   ///   Lun-Vie

Thu special opening hours til 9.30pm /// Jueves horario especial 

Cruise days we'll be there from 11am

In the morning we are working inside as NØRD Editoræs, so ring the bell, come in and take a look at our objects... you're welcome

We are also available by appointment. Please contact us at nord@nord.gal



A NØRD object can be a wallet or a coffee maker, but also a speaker or a chair. NØRD objects are simply beautiful (minimalist, functional), designed and manufactured in Galicia with local and sustainable materials. Quality is our main priority. Each NØRD object seeks the satisfaction of well-done work, technical perfection, simple and quiet design, traditional materials carefully finished. Galicia is part of a powerful artisanal tradition, there is an emotional affinity in the use of wood, ceramics, leather or steel. Taking this into account, NØRD seeks to update tradition, take those objects and the same production quality and improve through design in order to create contemporary objects. Behind NØRD there are people. The whole NØRD process focuses on people, every piece requires a singular development where manual work is connected to design and production. The workflow responds to the concept of slow design: designers lead a process of communication between users, publishers and manufacturers that only ends when the object becomes simple and functional in the eyes of everybody. NØRD users are part of that process; Owning an NØRD object means participating in a culture in which the touch of wood and the execution of a joint are appreciated, a culture in which every detail has a reason to be and simplicity responds to the satisfaction of life without artifice. The result is unique pieces, with personality

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In these initial weeks we are incorporating products continuously, if you find something you like, ask us, and  we will inform you of future availability. You can also reserve an item and we will let you know when it is available.

Be patient, we are growing


NØRD objects are pieces of industrial design manufactured in small workshops in Galicia with an extraordinary quality and a manual finish. The production is limited and sometimes requires a waiting time of two-three weeks, depending on the supplier-designer. The wait is worth it, our suppliers are oriented to obtain exciting objects with an exceptional finish.

Ask us for manufacturing deadlines and we will be happy to inform you.


Although NØRD is focused on Galician design, we belong culturally to the countries bathed by the Atlantic Ocean. We feel close to the Nordic and Japanese design.
NØRD will have a small international section with products from Scandinavia, Japan, Portugal and the Cantabrian coast of Spain.
We will keep you informed of new additions through instagram and our newsletter.

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